3. Consequences and costs at various levels

  • The most serious consequences of obesity are borne first by those affected themselves, but also by their relatives. Own costs arise for:

    • the physical
    • the psychological
    • the social effects of obesity
    • medication
    • doctors
    • clinics
    • diets
  • But also, the costs of obesity are enormous for each country:

    • Direct medical treatment costs (in OECD countries about 8.4% of all health care costs, in Germany about 10.7%) that were in Germany 2015 about € 29.4 billion direct, and about € 33.6 billion in direct costs) and only in obesity, so a BMI < 30! Tendency: strongly rising! And the costs of obesity are added to this!
    • Early retirement
    • Increased the number of sick days and resulting production losses.
  • These affected often suffer from these consequences:

    • Social exclusion
    • Stigmatization
    • Devaluation / teasing
    • Prejudice
    • Discrimination
    • Occupational consequences (overweight people are less likely to be promoted)
    • Studies from the USA show that being overweight is a significant barrier to marriage makes social advancement more difficult results in a lower average income that fat people are less likely to reach management positions So it’s high time Present solutions
Present solutions

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