5. TRE

(= time restricted eating)

TRE is not a diet and fasting (because these two are temporary and have regulations) but:

  • A lifestyle that can carry out permanently and can be used for

  • weight reduction and
  • weight maintenance!

Why does TRE work?

Because calorie does not = mean calories!
More important than what we eat is when we eat!

Satchidananda Panda already proved this about 10 years ago with his mouse experiments:

Mice that ate their food for only 8 hours with the same number of calories stayed slim and healthy, and mice that ate the same food at will for more than 8 hours became fat and sick.

Many bodily functions and the release of all hormones in the body are subject to Chrono biology. (This is the science that deals with the temporal organization of biological processes).

Melatonin (the “sleep hormone”) is an insulin antagonist and slows down our metabolism.
Insulin is responsible for glucose absorbed, Ed, and taken into the liver and muscle
However, insulin production slows down towards evening.

That is why it is recommended not to eat anything for 3 hours before bed and not to start eating again until 1 hour after getting up.

For the several rear forms of TRE, we recommend the 16:8 methods:

  • It means no calories taken for 16 hours and eating only for 8 hours.

  • During 16 hours, it is allowed to drink, but also without calorie intake, i.e., water, black coffee, or tea, but

  • No cream, sugar, sweetener, etc. It May be added to the coffee or tea

  • During a 16:8 day, the fluid intake should be 2 – 3 liters.

  • And you are free to decide when your 8-hour eating period begins and ends.

There are no restrictions during the 8-hour eating phase, except that you should not eat more than usual.

How do you proceed exactly?

  • 2 or 3 meals are allowed but only during 8 hours

  • You can eat the same as usual try to avoid “snacks” as a matter of principle (no one starves just because they don’t want a cookie during a meeting!)

  • 16:8 is superior to any diet because:

  • can used this method indefinitely

  • you do not have to change your diet

  • 16:8 is easy to apply

  • 16:8 does not cost anything, so it is accessible to everyone!

  • 16:8 besides the effect on body weight, it also has the additional benefit of autophagy and thus an anti-aging effect.

Diets are OUT!


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