Kill your belly
save your life!

by Dr. Adrian Schmidt

kill your belly – save your life 

We are a platform:

  • This shows that overweight and obesity do not have to be worldwide.
  • That wants to protect everyone from the consequences of being overweight.
  • To encourage people to lose weight.
  • That wants to take away the fear of losing weight.
  • Which reports on scientific research results on weight loss?
  • We are available for programs to reduce overweight regionally, nationally, and in companies.

Overweight and obesity

Overweight and obese is a growing pandemic worldwide.

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Weight reduction

Identifying ways to reduce weight

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Social consequences and costs

Personal suffering alongside economic and social consequences

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Lean without costs and prohibitions

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time restricted eating

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Say SERVUS to overweight forever!

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Obesity, diabetes, and cancer

  • In the German Medical Journal of June 07, 2022, the German Diabetes Society calls on physicians in Germany to inform all people with diabetes of their increased risk of cancer.
  • Cancer is now the leading cause of death among people with diabetes!
  • The leading cause of TYPE II diabetes is obesity.

What do we do at killyourbelly save your life?

We clarify medically men in easily understandable from over:

  • The consequences of overweight and obesity
  • The simple ways to achieve and maintain a normal weight

What do we not do?

  • We do not sell products
  • We do not sell apps
  • We do not sell subscriptions
  • We do not sell diet plans
  • We do not sell memberships
  • We do not make rules

In short: we don’t sell anything!

We want that

  • everyone can reach and maintain a normal weight and thus no longer have to suffer from the consequences
    of overweight and obesity – health wise / psychologically / socially
  • this goal becomes realizable and attainable for everyone thus
  • many illnesses are prevented
  • and human lives are prolonged and that the life span between poor and rich does not continue to exist as it currently is:

Poor die approx. Ten years earlier than rich!